International Development

Most trade practitioners and policy makers agree that international trade is a force for good, but what are the specific benefits to developing countries and underserved communities? This program section seeks to take a closer look at some of the impacts that creating a global trade framework will have on economic development – for everyone ranging from women small business owners in Africa to smallholder farmers in South America. Trade issues such as climate, data governance, trade facilitation, and technology/innovation all have a role to play in reducing poverty and driving sustainable, inclusive growth.

Programs offered by this section will touch on topics such as:

  • The interplay between the public sector, private companies, and civil society for international development projects
  • The Biden-Harris Administration's strategy for international development and U.S. government mechanisms for achieving these goals
  • How developing countries are thinking about global supply chain resiliency in the post-COVID world
  • Improving food security in developing countries amid growing threats from climate change
  • The role of digitally enabled trade in supporting small businesses in developing countries


Suzie Zimmerman
Maddison Abboud
Jamaica Gayle

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