Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the WIIT Trust Fall 2020 scholarship winners!  We are honored to announce that Megan Rutkai from Johns Hopkins University and Laura Spector from the University of Maryland are our scholarship winners for the Fall 2020 class.  Both ladies contributed impactful and insighful essays - for Laura on AGOA and African develoment and for Megan on national security implications of trade such as SFIUS.  As a new element this year, we will be planning programs around these topics that feature the insights of these amazing new WIIT members.  We look forward to welcoming Megan and Laura to engage in the broader WIIT agenda this year.  

Megan Rutkai is a senior majoring in International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She first became interested in international trade through an internship with the International Trade Administration's Policy Office of Russia,   Ukraine and Eurasia.  Since then she has interned with the U.S. Commercial Service in Baltimore learning about the experiences of U.S. companies seeking to do business abroad.  Megan is excited and honored to join WIIT through this scholarship and she looks forward to learning much more about the field of international trade!

 Laura Spector is a graduate student at the University of Maryland, completing her Master's in Public   Policy with a specialization in International Security and Economic Policy. She has gained experience   in trade and development policy interning at a trade association, at the Office of the U.S. Trade   Representative, and at the Development Finance Corporation.  Laura has taken an interest in U.S.   Africa trade policy and has recently begun her graduate research looking at the future of the African   Growth and Opportunity Act.  

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Key Skills for Engaging in International Trade 

The first ten years of a career should be used as a time to develop foundational skills that you will refine and build on throughout your career.  While every position will have its own unique requirements, the five areas outlined in the below document represent a path to accomplishing cross cutting skills that you will need to be successful in the field of international trade.


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