Western Hemisphere

The Western Hemisphere program section organizes events to foster dialogue on a range of issues impacting trade and investment in the Americas, including tax policy, data protection, e-commerce, disinformation and the regulation of online platforms, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and political dynamics. Over the coming year, the Western Hemisphere team will place a special focus on the Biden Administration’s approach to the region and potential implications for trade and investment. The team will also shed light on the rapidly changing political and economic dynamics in the hemisphere, as nations continue to struggle with the challenges brought by the global pandemic. The committee coordinates high-level panel discussions and brownbag lunches featuring prominent issue experts on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • USMCA implementation and CAFTA-DR
  • Biden Administration policy towards Central America migration
  • Chile‘s Constitutional Reform process and General Election
  • Future of Mercosur
  • Intersection of social media, politics and public policy
  • Data Privacy developments in the region
  • Artificial Intelligence priorities in the region


Carolina Costa
Gabrielle Trebat

If you would like to participate on the committee or have an idea regarding a topic or speaker, please email programming@wiit.org.