The World Trade Organization ("WTO") section leads discussions on the role of the WTO as well as other multilateral, free trade and regional agreements in facilitating global trade. Section members hope to engage the trade community and bring thought leaders to explore the wide range of issues that continue to challenge and shape the nature of the multilateral trading system, such as environment and climate, electronic commerce, intellectual property rights, labor standards and regionalism.

Recent events have focused on:

  • The crisis at the WTO’s Appellate Body and its implications for the WTO as a multilateral trade institution
  • Important policy ramifications of recent WTO disputes
  • The Interim Appeals Arrangement promoted by the European Union and its implications for an enforceable dispute process
  • Developments in WTO E-commerce negotiations


Moushami Joshi
Heather Doherty

If you would like to participate on the committee or have an idea regarding a topic or speaker, please email programming@wiit.org